Our live vehicle tracking makes vehicle management accurate, efficient, and reliable, which speeds up their functioning, and in turn your business. iSpot4u’s Gps tracking helps you to track the exact location of vehicles, and their speed, along with real-time route information. Detailed reports of each journey for making informed decisions. These features are essential to your business’s efficient, effective & profitable smooth functioning.

App Features

Location Tracking

Meticulous, exact location tracking of vehicles.

Speed Tracking

Keep an eye on each vehicle’s speed, and get control.

Real time information

Get details of routes, & driving all in one place.

Historical Reports

Get reports of all routes & make informed decisions.

Distance Capture

Know exactly how much you travel & spent on it.

What do you get in the package?

GPRS & GPS Devices

Setup/Installation done by us

Vehicle-specific access/login id

Android application for access

Hosting & support, all on us

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