School Bus Security Application

iSpot4u is one stop platform to manage Security, Tracking & Communication at affordable price.

This platform can be used by School Administration, Parents & Transport Admin to get required information in real time & transparent manner.

App Features

Real time Tracking

Real time information on location, speed, distance

SMS Notification

SMSs notifications to parents

In App Notifications

WhatsApp like messages to parents (Pre Pickup, On Pickup, Reach to school, On Onboard, Drop Started, Pre-drop and Dropped)

Trip Specific report

Reports on location, attendance, speed, distance, security violations

Attendance using Smart card

Student, Driver, Maid attendance using Smart Card

Image/Photo Capture

Photo recording of vehicle and realtime display of the same in iSpot4u App

SOS/Emergency reporting

SOS/Emergency Notification to report emergency situation

Route specific student management

Intelligent Route specific student management

Option to integrate Transportation

Option to integrate Transportation Fees/School Attendance

How it works?

Mobile Device with iSpot4u software will be installed in school bus.
This device captures information like location of the bus, its speed, photos inside the bus, student attendance, security violation, etc.
It also acts as an assistant to bus attendant for Pickup/Drop.
This information is recorded on server.
School administration & parents can view various type of information at from any devices like mobile device, laptops or desktops.
Smart phone users can access information using iSpot4u App. All the security violation alerts goes to required parties in timely manner as SMS .

Package Contents

Device - GPRS/GPS/Camera/Card Reader
Parent App/Online Access To Parent
Smart Cards To Students, Driver, Maid, Attendant
Employee App
Device With GPS, Camera, GPRS And Attendance Card Reader
ID Card For Each Employee
Emergency/SOS Card
Admin App
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