Employee Transport Solution: Scheduling, Security & Tracking

iSpot4u is Scheduling, Security, Tracking, Surveillance, Communication & Transport Logistics platform. iSpot4u platform can be used by Office Administrator, Staff & Transport Vendor to get required information in real time & transparent manner. iSpot4u has pre transport and transport operation processes.

iSpot4u helps in improving Efficiency & Effectiveness of various Processes in addition to improving security aspects by Timely Communication.

App Features

Automatic Scheduling Engine

Cloud based tool to create optimized schedules. Reduces time and distance to travel

Employee App

Employee App to Track Vehicle, Trigger SOS, View Pickup/Drop Routes, Mark Absentees, Call Driver, In App Notification etc

Real time information

Real time information on location, speed, pickups, drops, security violations

MIS Reports

Various MIS reports for business due diligence


Forecasts vehicles to be used in package rates, slab rates and trip count rates. Also calculates daily cost of transportation

Driver App

Driver App for Trip Log, Navigator, Call Employee, Trigger SOS

Emergency response management

Security alerts for employees

SLA Reports

SLA Reports for continuous improvements

Compliance monitoring

To achieve set standards for transport services

Fuel Adjustments

Automated adjustments in invoices for daily fuel rate changes


Transparent invoicing

How it works?

  • Collates Shift information
  • Upload shift Log to iSpot4u
  • Bookings gets created in iSpot4u
  • Set Configuration, rates etc
  • Runs iSpot4u Scheduling Engine
  • iSpot4u Creates Draft Roster
  • Edit rosters and uploads it again
  • Recalculates distance, time & cost
  • Review and mark ready for operation
  • Allocate Vehicles
  • Notify Drivers / Employees
  • Live Tracking & Live Reports
  • MIS Reports
  • Invoices

Package Contents

Automated Scheduler License
iSpot4u licenses (Carrier, Subscriber)
ID card for driver
SMS to employee
Employee App
Device with GPS, Camera, GPRS and attendance card reader
ID card for each employee
Emergency/SOS Card
Driver App
Admin App
Call For Packages: +91 8600 204 622