Login Using OTP - Use registered mobile number

Note - Please wait for 2 mins to get OTP. Do not retry for 2 mins If facing issues with OTP then call iSpot4u customer support on 8600204622 (9 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday)

How to Use App?


  • - Install the app
  • - Launch App
  • - Enter mobile number
  • - Get OTP

- If your mobile number is not registered, please talk to the transport vendor to get it registered

- If mobile number is registered then you will get OTP in 1 to 2 minutes

- Once Logged in you will get the Dashboard

Route checking / Route updating

- Check the route that has been assigned to your child. The route is displayed on your mobile screen as shown below.

- If the route is not correct, update the route by clicking in the “Select Pickup Route” field, selecting the correct route and then then click on Update subscription. The screen is given near.

How to raise a ticket for any issue

- If you are unable to change the route or facing any technical problem, then raise a ticket as shown in the image below. Please note that tickets can be raised only for App related issues.

- For transport operations issues, please talk to the transport team directly.